My Purpose

I do not believe in coincidence. The why of something may not always be clear — certainly the how is often not — but I believe that, if we allow, each of our experiences, all of our earnings, and every bit of learning can be used to help others. For instance, what I have learned in developing my skills as an entrepreneur over time isn’t meant only for me to learn; I have the opportunity to help others avoid pitfalls and follow patterns for success. As a mentor of mine once put it, “I want to shorten your learning curve”. To that end, then, I teach people how to live an activated life: improving their health, leading by example, and offering a hand up to those needing just a little boost.

This blog is comprised of two areas generally: self-help and personal development; and medical and scientific articles. I believe that both a healthy body and a healthy mind are necessary for real success in any venture. This means keeping yourself physically fit and orienting your mind to accept an ultimate picture of success for you. Often the mental and physical may cross paths, so don’t be shocked when a self-help post may also discuss physical fitness, or vice versa.

DISCLAIMER: Note that I am not a trained medical professional, nor am I licensed to provide any type of medical advice. For each of these types of posts, I will provide a link to the original article(s) from which the information comes. I will summarize points from the original source(s), offer explanations where possible, and provide a common hub from which you can inform yourself of the goings-on within the realm of medicine and related sciences. For every medical post, I highly encourage you to read the original source article so you can better understand the full data behind various findings and research.